Frederick Conway Edmonds

Frederick Conway Edmonds of Lindsay, Ontario, was one of the first travelling showmen in Canada. Born in England on June 2, 1850, he had come to Canada as a young man. He was a ventriloquist, magician, and theatre manager and had managed


NFB Memories

"I had occasion recently to read an account of the life and work of Louis Applebaum, who brought Dad to join the Music Department at the NFB. In it, the author, Walter Pitman, referred to “the old barn on Sussex Avenue”, and

William S. (Bill) O’Farrell, Jr., 1954-2008

William S. (Bill) O’Farrell Jr., former head of Moving Image and Audio Conservation at the then National Archives of Canada passed away in Ottawa, Ontario at age 54 on Saturday , 30 August 2008. Bill worked at the National Archives from 1975,