On the Trail with Grey Owl and Bert Bach

March 24, 2024
Above: featured image description: Grey Owl mending a snowshoe inside cabin, Lake Ajawaan, Saskatchewan, ca. 1933-1934, by W.J. Oliver. Courtesy of Glenbow Library and Archives Collection. By 1936 the dream of a lonely English boy playing Indian in the woods behind his house

Stanley Brede, CSC website

January 8, 2024
Many thanks to Cathy Brede for sharing her link to her website devoted to her father, Stanley Brede, CSC, Canadian photographer and cinematograher. “Hi Dale. Roughly 6 years ago I contacted you, while you were still at LAC, for advice about making

What Sponsor Program! An unknown history of the NFB

March 26, 2023
Feature image: Hot Stuff. Directed by Zlatko Grgic. Produced by Robert Verrall. Photo taken from the production. © 1971 National Film Board of Canada. All rights reserved. Image courtesy; Jimena Romero, Coordinator, media relations, Communications and public affairs, National Film Board of

The Loon’s Necklace summary by James Forrester

September 24, 2022
Entry for Masterworks 2001 by James Forrester for AV Preservation Trust of Canada web site (now defunct). Reposted here with permission of the author, and the current rights holder for the AV Preservation Trust of Canada: Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (Academy.ca). The Loon’s Necklace was not a sponsored film. It was created by a

Frederick Conway Edmonds

Frederick Conway Edmonds of Lindsay, Ontario, was one of the first travelling showmen in Canada. Born in England on June 2, 1850, he had come to Canada as a young man. He was a ventriloquist, magician, and theatre manager and had managed

Burton S. Moore

Coming Soon… From Library & Archives Canada; Biography / Administrative history: Moore, Burton S: Burton S. Moore (fl. 1922-1969) was a wildlife filmmaker and inventor of a 35mm camera. His film Wildlife in New Brunswick represents the earliest use of a telephoto

Lt. Pierre-Malcolm “Trapper” Stevens

September 1, 1934 – March 11, 2020 TRAPPER STEVENS Recollections of a eulogy by Anthony Hyde (used with permission) I say “recollections” because I was making things up as I went along — surely appropriate since I was talking about Traps —

NFB Memories

"I had occasion recently to read an account of the life and work of Louis Applebaum, who brought Dad to join the Music Department at the NFB. In it, the author, Walter Pitman, referred to “the old barn on Sussex Avenue”, and

A Movietone News Family

My father William James Pearson (WJPIII) and I shared the exact same name, and (by co-incidence), the same jobs in film, with the same company, and the same role path within it. WJPIII got his foot in the door in this fledgling


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