Burton S. Moore

October 10, 2015

Coming Soon…

From Library & Archives Canada;

Biography / Administrative history: Moore, Burton S: Burton S. Moore (fl. 1922-1969) was a wildlife filmmaker and inventor of a 35mm camera. His film Wildlife in New Brunswick represents the earliest use of a telephoto lens by a Canadian motion picture cameraman. Moore lived in various Canadian locales during his lifetime including Andover, New Brunswick and Etobicoke, Canada.


  1. Hi Dale,
    Burton S. Moore was my great grandfather.
    Do you know how I can view his fonds held by the Library and Archives Canada?
    I have requested copies but there appears to be copyright issues.
    Please let me know if you could assist.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Roger – thanks for reaching out. I run the website, and learned about Burton S. Moore when I worked at the National Archives of Canada, (now Library & Archives of Canada). My manager at the time, the late Bill O’Farrell Jr., was working closely with David Folster on a chapter for his book; Discovering the Movies in New Brunswick. I have been planning to do a review of the book and post it here. I will also heed your advice and reach out to the New Brunswick Museum and look into what I might be able share from them here on the website.

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